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July 23, 2019

Jo Jo LLC, doing business as JoJo Cups, donated 2,000 cups and straws to the San Antonio Food Bank in support of children held in custody at the United States southern border.

Through her Facebook and Instagram accounts, Founder Amanda Sima communicated to her followers:

“Today we are donating 2,000 JoJo Cups and straws to the southern border for migrant children in custody in partnership with the San Antonio Food Bank. Despite some reports, there are ways to help and donate to this crisis. And unlike politicians, we actually take action! No matter what opinion, children deserve the utmost care in every situation and that includes hydration!”


June 24, 2019

JoJo Cups are proud to announce that their patent has been officially approved in the European Union! After months of waiting, they received the good news at the start of the summer.

“As a startup and disruptor of an enormous industry, we are grateful for the legal protection the EU has provided JoJo Cups to take Europe by storm in providing thrills, not spills, to all institutions, parents, caretakers and children,” said Amanda Sima, founder and CEO. “Just 8% of patent holders are female, and we are proud to be a part of that 8% today.”

JoJo Cups are still patent-pending in the US.


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