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Bring thrills, not spills, to your party or road trip with JoJo Cups, the world's only true disposable cup with both a sip and straw option and shock absorbent rim.




  • Spout lid with straw option

  • Spill-proof, shock absorbing rim

  • Top shelf dishwasher safe

  • modern art

  • BPA-free

  • Food class safe

  • fully Recyclable

  • Patented Design


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We get asked a lot…

Why JoJo Cups? Our founder is a mom of three beautiful girls. When she invented JoJo Cups, she had just two: Sylvia Jo and Josie. She wanted to honor her children, who support all her crazy business ideas, and look up to their mom as someone who teaches them they can be anything they want to be.


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Amanda Sima Inventor, Founder and CEO

Amanda is an experienced entrepreneur and inventor with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer products industry. Before founding JoJo Cups, Amanda founded and ran an apparel company she started at just age 26.

Amanda is a mother of three girl bosses, wife and Ohioan.