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Bring thrills, not spills, to your party or road trip with JoJo Cups, the world's only true disposable cup with both a sip and straw option and shock absorbent rim.


What do children do with typical kids’ cups?

They TIP IT UP, just like they do with their cups at home. It's a headache for the staff, and most of all families, who are looking for a relaxing dinner out and instead are cleaning up spills all evening.

They DROP AND SPILL them in the car, as the flimsy paper cup and lid hit their hands and are squeezed into oblivion.

JoJo Cups was designed by a mom for all moms, dads, caretakers and restaurants who need a kid’s cup they can use and recycle at their convenience. Whether on a road trip, at a birthday party of with grandparents for the weekend, JoJo Cups are your solution to single-use, disposable cups for ALL kids!


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Planning an elegant wedding with kids?

We’ve got the solution.